Collective Equity

How it works

Leveraging the power of bulk buying by collectively negotiating a discounted wholesale rate with a builder or developer.

This creates instant equity from day one creating unique financing opportunities for investors to recycle that equity.

Why would a developer want to sell in bulk, won’t they lose money?

In most cases the opportunity comes from a seller who is distressed and needs to sell quickly.

Often developers or builders run into financial difficulty. By presenting a bulk buy offer the properties can be quickly sold alleviating their cash flow problem.

How you can apply this principle

  • Get together 5 or more friends.
  • Approach builders or developers who are selling new stock.
  • Negotiate a wholesale purchase price for buying 5 or more.
  • Aim for a minimum discount of 10%.
  • Find an independent valuer to ensure the price is below market value.
  • Work with an experienced specialised finance broker that will structure your loan.

Word of warning

Be cautious of real estate agents and developers who will often flaunt a valuation that is above the sale price.

If one particular valuer happened to over-estimate the prices you could get caught out and pay more than you should, be careful of this.

However for a valuer to over–estimate 10+ properties they won’t be in business for long if they’re making mistakes like that.

Alternatively, you can enquire how you could use APPA to help facilitate to this for you. 

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