Insolvent/repossessed and distressed property

Once a property is acquired by the Queensland Public Trustee by way of a deceased or insolvent estate, the Trustee is in a position where they wish to dispose of this property. Time is of the essence in these transactions.

Through it’s relationship with the Public Trustee, APPA has access to these unique property opportunities which are generally not available to the public on the open market, and are priced significantly lower than those that are.

How it works

All Applicants must have:

  • Clear credit history
  • Finance pre-approval
  • Statement of financial assessment by APPA

APPA has been engaged by the Queensland Public Trustee as a conduit for these properties. Speak to one of our consultants at APPA to find out more about this distinctive opportunity.

To gain access, please fill in your details to check your eligibility.

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